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HP's Susie Wee and the "Wall of Touch"
Photograph by Drew Kelly
Photograph by Drew Kelly
Susie Wee
CTO, Client Cloud Services, HP
San Francisco

Wee, 40, helps HP deliver more-immersive experiences to consumers with products like the touchless "Wall of Touch."

"HP introduced our TouchSmart technology in 2007. When the Edelman PR firm, one of our partners, asked us to create a very large and interactive screen display in the lobby of its Manhattan office, we took it a bit further. We created a huge display featuring an array of nine HDTVs and used two infrared cameras to create a thin layer across all those screens. As your hand breaks the beam, the camera sees that something is in the way. It does some smart math, feeds it back into the computer, and allows you to have an amazing touch experience without touching anything at all. This will drive innovation in medicine and education — it's the future of computing."

A version of this article appeared in the May 2010 issue of Fast Company magazine.