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"Star Wars Uncut:" 472 Groups of Amateur Auteurs Reenact a Feature Length Classic

Star Wars UncutA long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Casey Pugh, who has worked at Boxee and Vimeo, sliced the film Star Wars into 15-second segments and asked fans and filmmakers to reproduce the scenes in their own style. Hundreds of people responded, and the film, named Star Wars Uncut, has been re-edited back into a feature-length film. This week, the first trailer has been released.

At least 472 groups of people signed up to reproduce these scenes (some scenes have three different versions), which might make this the largest crowdsourced film effort of all time. But at the very least, it makes for some great entertainment. Some scenes are just plain inspired—a sandwich coming out of a microwave standing in for a departing Millennium Falcon, bow-ties for tie fighters—some are more akin to the low-budget "Sweded" remakes from Michel Gondry's Be Kind Rewind, and some are a little too frighteningly well-produced. Some are just frightening.

Star Wars UncutYou can view all the clips, check out the teaser, or wait for Star Wars Uncut: A New Hope to come to a theater near you—screenings are planned in Copenhagen and New York so far. Let's hope Pugh takes on George Lucas's newer films next...a crowdsourced remake of The Phantom Menace could be far better than the real thing.

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