Conan O’Brien Pulls a Leno on Lopez, Heads to TBS for 11 p.m. Show in November

Conan O'Brien

TBS just got a little oranger.

According to a Time Warner press release, pale, string-dancing late night comic Conan O’Brien is heading to TBS, and will be bumping George Lopez’s Lopez Tonight to midnight. Conan has been trying to get back in the public eye for some time, recently jumping off his U.S. comedy tour, and, since leaving his short-lived stint as host of The Tonight Show, Team CoCo has been trying to work out a deal with networks to get back on the air after NBC’s non-compete clause shackles are loosened.

Just this weekend, rumors of Conan’s dealings with Fox hit the Web, and it appeared that negotiations were stalled over affiliates’ objections, who worried they’d lose money if he replaced Seinfeld re-runs. Likely, his late night talk show will start at 11 p.m., giving him the jump on Letterman and Leno, while going head to head with Kimmel and battling it out against both Stewart and Colbert.

Conan already commented about the news, tweeting and saying in a press release: “In three months I’ve gone from network television to Twitter to performing live in theater, and now I’m headed to basic cable…My plan is working perfectly.” No word yet on what his freckles think of the deal, unfortunately.

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