Here’s How to Tether Your iPhone 3G S to Your iPad, Steve Jobs Be Damned

Cometh the iPhone tether, then, soon cometh the iPad tether. Anyone with a jailbroken iPhone 3GS and a Wi-Fi only iPad might like this little cheat from MyWi developers Intelliborn, which will give you 3G. Fuh free. Well, the MyWi app costs $9.99 (PdaNet offers a slightly trickier but similar iPhone tethering program), but it’s free thereafter. Well, you’ll gamble your iPhone warranty, but they never break, right? And all this, despite Steve Jobs’ response to an Apple customer who emailed him with the tethering question –“No.” is simple. Here’s how you do it:


Download the MyWi app onto your jailbroken iPhone and switch on the WiFi tethering option. Then, all you do is search for available WiFi networks on your iPad, and your iPhone will come up as an available network. Speed is fast and connection is not patchy, but it’s quite a drain on your phone battery.

Sorry, Steve.

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