Infographic of the Day: Chasing the News Across the Globe

News Globe, by the BBC, offerings an intriguing way to see where the news is happening.

BBC News Globe


The BBC has just unveiled News Globe, a Web app for browsing the news by geography.

When you open up the app, you can search by topic–for example, “climate change”–and all the stories about that subject pop-up in the geographic spots where they happened.* Mousing over gives you a summary of the article, and clicking again takes you to the full story.

It’s kinda fun to play with: You can spin the globe with your mouse. I particularly love how the moon is depicted as well–makes sense, given that some stories do in fact occur on the moon. If you’re really interested in one particular subject, it’s a fascinating way of catching up with the news as it develops.


News Globe is actually one of four infographics that the BBC created expressly to show people the power of the medium. In addition, there’s a Flared
, which shows you how various musicians are related; the 3d
Documentary Explorer
, which shows you how a documentary was assembled from hundreds of different video segments; and SearchWeb, which visualizes the stories on the BBC as a tree map, where the subject areas are trunks and stories are branches.

*Warning: We had some problems getting the app to launch on certain browsers. If that happens to you, try launching another browser program, if you’ve got one.


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