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Make Your Own Version of Google's Adorable "Parisian Love" Super Bowl Ad


It's a pretty fun little tool to tell a short story, as long as it's extremely short and can be told through the medium of the various Google search mechanisms. You get seven search boxes (really, seven lines in the story), which can bring up Search, Maps, News, Blogs, Images, Products, or Books as their result. The final entry wraps up the whole story with an "I'm Feeling Lucky" search. Then you pick your music (from a selection, unfortunately; I really wanted to upload Andrew W.K., but no such luck) and you're pretty much finished. Google compiles your video and uploads it to YouTube.

Here's mine:

Sure, it's pretty much a make-your-own Google ad, but when the finished product is this slick and easy I'm inclined not to care that much. Too bad this wasn't around right after the Super Bowl, when a parody could have been just so topical—but I'll settle for toying around with it now. Check it out here.