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LEGO Educates Kids About the Wonders of Renewable Energy

There's no better way to make change than by teaching the kiddies well, right? That's presumably the thinking behind LEGO's new Renewable Energy Add-On Set, a supplement to the LEGO Simple & Motorized Mechanisms Set.

LEGO provides the details:

When the Renewable Energy Add-On Set is combined with the customized activity pack, students will explore renewable energy sources; investigate energy supply, transfer, accumulation, conversion, and consumption; and use measurements and data analysis to describe and explain outcomes through hands-on activities and exciting, real-life models. Extend the use of the Add-on Set by combining it with the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education range. Students will experiment using energy from their own bodies and the three main energy sources – solar, wind, and water – to generate, store, and use power. When connected to the NXT Brick, the unique elements of the Renewable Energy Add-On Set (solar panel, generator, and LEGO Energy Meter) work as sensors.

Sounds like LEGO is trying to prepare the next generation of renewable energy geniuses. At the very least, LEGO is helping along future wind turbine fabricators, solar energy installers, and energy efficiency builders. Eager parents will have to hold tight a little while longer, though—the LEGO set doesn't go on sale into Fall 2010.