Netflix’s Mobile Invasion Continues: Android, You’re Next

Great news for Android-loving Netflix subscribers: Looks like Netflix is bringing Instant Watch to Google’s mobile OS.



Netflix is officially on a mobile rampage. First it was that amazing-looking Microsoft Windows Phone 7 app–the first we’d seen of its kind. Then it debuted alongside Apple‘s iPad, possibly snagging the title of most essential app, especially for video lovers, in the first week. Then Netflix confirmed that they’d be bringing Instant Watch to the iPhone. Now, Netflix put out an ad looking for a Google Android engineer, and the ad leaves no doubt as to the purpose.

From the ad: “Netflix is looking for a great engineer to help us build Instant Streaming client implementations on Android devices.” That could not be more clear: Netflix is coming to Android. Android has some of the best hardware out there right now, with more to come–hell, HTC‘s upcoming Evo 4G is halfway to being a tablet, really, with that massive 4.3-inch screen, and you just know Netflix is going to look amazing streamed over 4G. Get excited, Android users.

Netflix is moving quickly to cement its future as the ruler of streaming on-demand movies–even if that means ceding some territory in the DVD disc rental space to rival Blockbuster in the meantime. Twentieth Century Fox, Universal and Warner Bros. have all re-upped their distribution agreements with both movie rental powerhouses, but with a key difference: Blockbuster will be able to rent DVDs the same day they go on sale, while Netflix customers will have to wait through a 28-day window period before they can rent the same movie.

Why doesn’t Netflix fight for the same deal that Blockbuster has? Because they are pursuing a different strategy and making streaming movies part of the deal instead. Netflix’s agreement with Fox will give it on-demand access to hit TV shows like 24 and Bones, while the deal with Universal includes instant-watch access to movies including Being John Malkovich, Gosford Park, and Do the Right Thing.

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