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Real-TimeExecutionWave (TM) – A New Decision-Making Framework

A Note to Our Readers:  I received enormous response and literally hundreds of The Living Organization (R) model white paper

A Note to Our Readers:  I received enormous response and literally hundreds of The Living Organization (R) model white paper downloads from my last Fast Company posting, Strategic Planning is Dead – Long Live Strategy Execution. Thank you for your kind messages and interest in our model.  In this spirit, I wanted to share with you a recent blog post excerpt from my Quantum Leaders colleague, Gregg Gallagher, who continues the conversation where I left off. Gregg introduces Real-TimeExecutionWave (TM) in this post, an integral piece of The Living Organization theory and our answer to how Strategy Execution has evolved in today’s fast-paced world.


In his recent posting. Norman wrote on our belief that traditional strategic planning processes & frameworks have failed to adapt to the nature of the modern business environment, and are no longer the optimal approach to high-level decision-making within an organization

We believe that a new decision-making framework – the RealTimeExecutionWave – better accelerates execution.

Building upon The Living Organization model – and the ARC framework, we looked at the various existing planning & decision-making frameworks currently in use. The framework which came closest to our own thinking was the OODA loop, created by John Boyd as a means for explaining fighter-pilot effectiveness, and which subsequently has seen great adoption at all levels of US military planning: tactical, operational and strategic. More info on OODA.

While we have retained the same terminology as that used in Boyd’s OODA, we have evolved the framework to reflect our belief that the decision cycle is more akin to that of a wave with directionality, frequency and amplitude, rather than a recurring loop as defined in the OODA framework.




Real Time Execution Wave



Directionality is provided by the Strategic Compass – wave-guides that Orient the company and it’s people, aligning their efforts with the goals, objectives, principles, values and Soulful Purpose of the organization. This is a key element – I.e., a so-called “Critical Success Factor” – in that a high level of alignment  along these dimensions allows for more frictionless decision-making at all levels of the organization, obviating the need to continuously “check with the higher ups” .

Amplitude is the overall level of energy being created within the organization. Quantum Leader’s ARC Framework enables organizations to better identify the sources of, and blockages to, energy creation within their organizations. Energy is gathered during the observational processes of an organization (market research, performance evaluation & incentive plans, SWOT analysis, etc.), and then vectored by decisions, which release this energy in the form of specific actions/programs/initiatives.

Frequency is the speed by which an organization moves through the entire execution process and is a key determinant of success. [In my next post I will discuss how accelerated speed of execution via the RealTimeExecutionWave can provide competitive advantage in the realm of disruptive innovation.

It is important to understand that there is not just one RealTimeExecutionWave in existence at any one time – in fact there are a multitude of such waves taking place not only at various levels within the organization (e.g., individual/team/department/leadership), but also between the organization and it’s various constituencies in it’s environment, the marketplace – customers, suppliers, competitors, etc.


How well these energy vectors are aligned with each determines the ultimate effectiveness an organization will realize in achieving it’s soulful purpose.













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Throughout his professional career as a Chief Executive Officer, Corporate Director, and Advisor to CEOs, Norman Wolfe has successfully guided corporations through major transitions leading to substantial growth, market expansion and enhanced financial performance. Currently, he is the Chairman and CEO of Quantum Leaders, a leading edge consulting company guiding boards and CEOs to improve strategy execution.