Today in Most Innovative Companies


Twitter: Twitter is so popular in the U.S. that every cell phone should come pre-registered with the site. But how does Twitter stack up internationally? A lead engineer over at the startup’s blog runs through various foreign stats, and it turns out–surprise, surprise–their numbers are soaring. Spain saw a 50% boost in sign-ups in the last year, Chile saw a 1,200% spike in the days after their tragic earthquake struck, and sign-ups in India have increased 100% since going live in 2010. Overall, Twitter’s international growth has jumped 20% in the last year alone.

GE: What’s the world-record for longest lasting lightbulb? Way longer than you think. The Centennial Light in Livermore, CA (seen above) has burned in an old firehouse for at least the past 109 years–who knew 19th century technology was ever so efficient! But for average household-use, the life span of lightbulbs is far, far shorter. Investors at GE, however, recently had a breakthrough in LED lighting, creating a lightbulb that could last up to 17 years. That’s 25 times as long as your average incandescent bulb, with a 77% decrease in energy consumption. GE expects the bulbs to go on sale in 2011.

Netflix: One of the coolest apps that’s come to the iPad so far is the Netflix app, which allows users to stream the online-video store’s huge library of movies on the go. Looks like Netflix quickly realized the app’s popularity, and already put up a job opening for an “Android Video Playback Expert,” suggesting that Netflix could soon come to most HTC phones.AC