• 04.08.10

Freedom of Choice: Devo Web Fans Choose 12 Tracks for New Album

Devo crowdsource

Fresh from crowdsourcing its new look, Devo has turned to its fans to help choose the final playlist of its new album. The Devo Song Study is hosted by what can only be described as a Microsoft Office Rat circa 1989 called Jakob the Journalist, who seems to be channeling the inner fire of Gareth Keenan, and the hair shade of Kenneth the Page.


After a little intro by Jakob, who’s the kind of guy you just know has a mustache comb, and does things with a tube of ChapStick Katy Perry could only dream of, you click onto a page with 16 song choices. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to choose the 12 tracks you think are strongest, before giving a black star (A Good Thing) to your favorite morsel. Once you’ve done that, you’re taken to a… oh, why should I spoil the secret? Get on in there, and discover just what fun a corporate focus group run by crazies can be.

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