Infographic of the Day: The Tiger Woods Economy

Instead of a Green Jacket from Augusta, can we just get this man a jacket made of Treasury bills?

Tiger’s back at the Masters! If the man slips on the Green Jacket once again, you can bet it will become the greatest sports story of the decade. Even if he doesn’t win, his mere appearance will herald the return of the biggest personality driven money-magnet the world has ever seen. (Witness this bizarro ad shamelessly featuring Tiger’s dad Earl Woods. The image rehabilitation is in full swing.)


Just how big is this money-making comback bonanza? This big:

Tiger Woods economy

The amazing thing isn’t so much the sponsorships trailing Tiger–whatever happens, you can bet those will take a bit longer to bounce back–but rather the effect he has on everything around him. Single-handedly, he’s probably responsible for 11% of the PGA Tour’s overall ratings–which means billions and billions of dollars. (Not to mention the massive tips he’s lavished on bottle service girls and Perkins waitresses.)

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