Wii Game “And Kensaku” Scores Players by Google Search Results

And Kensaku

A new game for Wii (149,000,000 results) is launching in Japan at the end of the month that scores players based on their knowledge of Google’s search engine results. And Kensaku (492,000 results) pits contestants against each other in a number of ways to guess which search term is the most popular. Game developer Shift has loaded 10,000 search results onto the game, but you can always update it using the Wii’s Wi-Fi–so, the world is your oyster (1,440,000 results.)

As well as the basic quiz format, there’s also a bomb game (34,700,000 resuits) and a running challenge (46,300,000 results) where your game character runs faster the more popular the search results are. This is not a game for Googlewhackers.

Japan is the unofficial home of weird and wonderful games–a lot of which you can find on Nintendo’s DS console. Doki Doki Majo Shinpan, for example, lets players hunt for high school witches by touching them up, and there was the rather frottage-tastic Project Rub, that proved so popular it got a worldwide release. Weirdest one on Wii so far? Tabemon, which can only be described as a feeder’s paradise (275,000 results, probably NSFW.)

But this is the first example of a title that incorporates Google directly into its gameplay. Real-time social media gaming is still growing quickly, and in its infancy. As venture guru Fred Wilson pointed out recently, social gaming is still a wholly untapped area for Twitter.AD