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Infonetics reported last week that service provider revenue from residential/SOHO and business VoIP services grew 20% in 2009 over 2008 – pretty impressive given the macroeconomic environment during that time.  In the last six months, we have seen the introduction of innovative, new cloud-based business solutions powered by our BroadWorks platform.  Here are just two examples of how our service providers are achieving higher-margin and higher revenue with their Communications as a Service (CaaS) product delivery model.  And their customers are highly satisfied thanks to the CaaS economic and improved employee efficiency benefits.

PCCWone communications

Hong Kong’s largest service provider, PCCW, recently launched its’ significantly enhanced version of one communications that is tailor designed for the SME market sector. one communications seamlessly integrates fixed, mobile and broadband communications and offers businesses a simple way to improve productivity of their employees, without an upfront capital investment. one communications offers three simple user plans. Prior to making a purchase decision, the potential customer is presented with five business scenarios to ensure they select the plan that meets their communication needs, i.e., starting a business, expanding a business, etc. The comparable scenario selection is then teamed up with an equipment map to illustrate how the communication goals can be achieved. The BroadWorks® powered one communications service offers the capability to automatically route traditional voice, email and fax services for delivery through a fixed-line to a mobile phone. A mobile phone is transformed to include the functionality of a stationary office desk phone, providing access to all forms of communication messaging regardless of a user location. A user also has the ability to switch from a mobile phone to a desktop phone while engaged in a conversation without needing to forward the call. A user will never miss a call as all calls will be sent to the desktop and mobile phones simultaneously.

KPNZakelijk InternetPlusBellen (ZIPB).

Royal KPN N.V. is the leading telecommunications and ICT service provider in the Netherlands, offering fixed-line and mobile telephony, internet and television services to both business and consumers. KPN chose BroadSoft’s BroadWorks application solution to supply reliable, hosted communications services for their SOHO/SME markets. KPN’s BroadWorks powered solution, ZIPB, is a fixed-mobile offer that includes the toolbar in Outlook that allows the customer to be accessible anytime and anywhere. The BroadWorks solution allows KPN to offer new and innovative services to its customers.

Although they are separated by almost ten thousand kilometers, these service introductions reflect a new market reality. Hosted business communications are no longer a niche concept pushed by aggressive startups; it is a proven operational solution and a proven winning business case for both customers and service providers alike. A hosted business communications solution allows customers to focus on their core business (not their "chore" business) in a more cost-effective way. Additionally, service providers are able to offer a product with higher margins and revenues compared to reselling premises systems and delivering trunks.

BroadSoft continues to enhance its hosted business solutions portfolio by adding new functionality, operational and sales tools to increase productivity and profitability, and a large portfolio of third party partner solutions. For more information on BroadSoft hosted business solutions, please contact your account manager today.