The Entrepreneur Way Of Life

Here I am with my first blog for Fast Company and I am excited.

This is an exciting time to be an entrepreneur. Why? Because everyone across the board is in the same boat.

Everyone has been pushed back to the wall and is facing the same crisis. So this is where a true entrepreneur can shine and stand above the rest.

There are just so many things that one can talk about from learning how to build, market, sell, finance, support and even let your idea go (preferably as an exit strategy for the investors).

The road to success as an entrepreneur is lonely, frustrating, tiring and sometimes scary but is also a heck of a lot of fun and hugely rewarding.

One common theme is the PASSION to being an entrepreneur.  Without passion it is just a matter of time where the daily challenges will take its toll and you will watch your new idea or business model vaporize.

I wrote a story recently that I hope will energize you.  This is based on my experiences and hopefully will lead to good advice that I can provide for helping an entrepreneur get their company off the ground.

The story ends with my current challenge of raising capital.  I have raised a good amount of angel capital but not all the money we require.

As my blog starts, yes indeed, this is an exciting time to be an entrepreneur.  But is also a great time for Angel Investors to partner with entrepreneurs since the early stage investment community is going through a radical change. 

I will come back soon to continue to discuss how I have been successful at raising angel financing and how I believe you too can benefit by proper positioning to attract angel investors.

Let me know how you like my above introductory story.