FDA Continues Its Crusade Against Toxic BPA

BPA–a chemical found in adhesives, dental linings, water bottles, and a number of other plastic products–has increasingly come under fire from the EPA and FDA for its toxic effects in the human body. The EPA recently added BPA to its chemicals of concern list, and now the FDA is joining in on the act by asking for public comment on five studies that explore potential problems with the chemical.

The studies look at BPA’s use in food packaging and related effects on human health. In a statement, the FDA explained:

Based on its initial review of these materials, FDA recently
provided an interim update where it expressed “some concern” about
the potential effects of BPA on the brain, behavior, and prostate gland of fetuses, infants, and children.

Shudder. Fortunately for the sake of human health, both the EPA and FDA are taking actions against the nasty chemical. The EPA is exploring ways to cut down on unnecessary exposure, and the FDA is supporting actions to minimize or eliminate BPA in baby bottles, infant feeding cups, and food can linings. Click below to check out all five studies.

[FR Doc 2010-7511]AS