Comedian Hijacks Entire Commercial Break of Stand-Up Gala for Charity

While some people are of the belief that the commercials are the best thing about TV, most of us use the ad break as a chance to do something else–search for the Higgs boson down the back of the sofa, murder our mothers-in-law, or stitch profanities into our boyfriends’ underwear. On Monday night, however, a British broadcaster is doing something a little bit different that might call a halt to the average power surge caused by viewers flocking to boil the kettle as they are bombarded with information about drain cleaners and hemorrhoid cream.

During one of the commercial breaks of the Channel 4’s Comedy Gala, a two-hour-long stand-up fest which includes Bill Bailey, Rich Hall and Rob Brydon–all of whom you can see here with Apple fanboy Stephen Fry–every single spot will be hijacked by Jimmy Carr. The brands of Guinness, Specsavers, Churchill Insurance, GoCompare and Kerry Low Low Cheese will all be cannon fodder for Carr’s rapier wit (see here, it’s a bit NSFW-ish) but don’t expect anything too near the knuckle–brand managers have feelings too. And egos. And lawyers.

The broadcaster responded to an idea from the Comedy Gala’s production company, Open Mike, which wanted to “continue the laughs into the ad break.” Channel 4’s deputy head of strategic sales, saw it as an opportunity too good to miss. “Hopefully this will be seen as yet another example of just how creative you can be with the commercial break.”