Apple Refunds iPad Rush Shipping Cost After Realizing It Isn’t Actually Faster

When pre-ordering an iPad, buyers had the option of standard or rush shipping, for an extra $12. The only problem? There was nothing “rush” about it.



It was a logical decision for a lot of pre-orderers; if you were so excited about the iPad that you’d drop more than $500, sight unseen, you want that thing as fast as possible. And if you’re spending that much already, why not opt for rush shipping? “Damn straight!” you’d think. “Rush that thing to me!”

Too bad iPads shipped via standard and via rush would arrive on the exact same day, this coming Saturday. Apple customer support was unable to explain the difference between the (free) standard shipping and $12 rush shipping, and Gizmodo (among other sites and consumers) put in a formal request to have that money refunded. Said Adam Frucci at Gizmodo:

It’s great news that basically everyone who pre-ordered early gets their
iPad on launch day, but I know there are many of us out there
wondering, did Apple really need to take our extra $12? Which also leads
us to wonder, could we please have our collective $12 back?

And it looks like Apple has responded in the affirmative: yes, impatient iPad pre-orderers, we screwed up and you can have your twelve bucks back. Apple sent out an email today that, while oddly unapologetic, does make amends:


To Our Valued Apple Customer:

Thank you for your recent Apple iPad purchase.

Our records indicate that when you placed your iPad pre-order, you
chose to pay for expedited shipping.

Expedited shipping is not necessary to ensure delivery. Apple has
processed a refund for the shipping charge on your order. Please
contact your card-issuing bank for information on when the credit
will be posted to your account.

Your iPad will deliver on April 3rd in the areas where UPS offers
Saturday delivery.

You can view the most up-to-date status of your order at XXXX.

The Apple Store Team

All’s well that ends well, right? And this story ends with an iPad, so that’s a pretty solid ending.

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