Obama’s Third (at least) Sellout on Energy

The latest sellout of progressives by the Obama administration is once again on
the energy front. The plan
announced in his speech today
opens huge areas on the east coast
and Alaska (click
here for a map


Even Nancy
Pelosi is disgusted

Here’s an open letter to Barack Obama, which I give permission to be
reposted, circulated, reprinted, as long as the attribution remains

President Obama, what happened to the bold young senator who
understood that our future is not with fossil fuels, and not with
nuclear? Our future, if we are to have a future, is in lowering our
carbon footprint far beyond the puny standards you set out in
Copenhagen, to the shock of a whole world willing to go much deeper. Our
future is not in any way reliant on nuclear power (whcih you now advocate)…but it is very much
aligned with protecting our environmental heritage, something to which
you’ve dealt yet another crippling blow today.

On issue after issue, you disappoint. You sold us out on health care,
on militarism, on controlling Wall Street, and now again you’ve sold us
out on yet another energy issue (at least the third one).

President Obama, do NOT take our votes for granted. I wrote months
ago that we would “have your” back if you pushed for the progressive
agenda, the change you promised to bring. By the same token, we will
desert you if you continue to desert us. Do you really want to align
yourself with Sarah “Drill, Baby, Drill” Palin?

Sometimes, the lesser of evils, is still too evil to support. I do
not believe you’re an evil man, but your policies, while not based in
the malice and trickery of your predecessor, are getting too evil for me
to go along with them.