Today in Most Innovative Companies


Nike: Relax, Cleveland Cavs fans. LeBron is likely staying. The all-star will become a free agent in July, around the same time his seven-year contract with Nike will expire. LeBron has reportedly worked out a new multi-million dollar deal with the shoe-and-apparel giant, but according to sources, the contract does not include incentives or bonuses for playing in cities with larger markets, like New York or Los Angeles. While it’s not set in stone that LeBron will stay with the Cavs, some believed the Nike contract might have influenced his decision to leave during free agency.

Hulu: In the Darkness will be the first feature-length movie to exclusively premiere on Will “straight-to-Hulu” replace “straight-to-DVD” for future J. Lo movies?

Google: Scientists today released a new interactive Google map that allows viewers to see parts of the U.S. that will be frozen-over in the coming months. The map provides projections for average temperatures in the U.S. until the end of the century, and highlights the areas which will be above or below freezing.

IBM: The Big Blue announced yesterday a global entrepreneurship initiative to help start-ups take advantage of its technology. The program will give businesses access to new technologies and Smarter Planet strategies that will improve “capital efficiency, marketing and sales, product validation and differentiation by opening up its resources at no charge.”AC