Seton Hill University to Hand Out iPads, Sense of Superiority Starting This Year?


Students at Seton Hill University (not the similarly named, sports-centric larger university in South Orange, New Jersey) are a damned lucky bunch–or someone has a pretty spot on sense of humor. The “iPad Initiative” begins in Fall 2010, with the simple and enticing slogan “An iPad for Everyone.”

While not technically falling on April 1, this does reek of shenanigans. Let’s just put that out there. But such incentives are not unheard of–remember Duke and Drexel Universities’ free iPods for new students program?

If it’s true, Seton Hill is the first college to take advantage of the presumed educational benefits of Apple‘s iPad, from note-taking (via typing or voice recording) to communication, textbook reading, and the superior ability to goof around in class. It would be a ballsy move since the iPad is a completely unproven product–but given how publishers like Penguin are rallying behind the device, it could be a shrewd one as well.

Seton Hill even goes one step further by providing a 13-inch MacBook Pro to to all incoming freshmen in addition to the iPad, a pretty impressive luxury (or, again, a topper on a great prank). I’m pretty sure my alma mater gave me nothing more than a plastic Molson-branded beer mug.