Honest Tea, Santa Cruz Organic, Steaz…Top Greenopia’s List of Green Beverages

If you really want a sustainable beverage, turn on the tap. But if you’re craving something a bit sweeter, check out Greenopia‘s updated list of eco-friendly drinks. The top beverages on this year’s list include Honest Tea, Santa Cruz Organic Sodas, and Steaz’s tea and energy drinks.

Greenopia’s rankings are calculated using the same four-leaf system that the website uses for its other categories, which include beauty products, fast food, and wineries. Drinks are rated from zero to four leaves based on factors like product toxicity, sustainability reporting, green building
initiatives, and environmental violation history. Honest Tea scored top honors (four leaves) for its non-toxic plastic bottles, organic and fair trade ingredients, and green building initiatives. Dr. Pepper, on the other hand, scored zero leaves thanks to an array of unhealthy ingredients (corn syrup, yellow 5, benzoate compounds) and alleged environmental violations in its production methods.

Overall, most of the 23 beverages on Greenopia’s list have a long way to go. Honest Tea was the only four-leaf beverage on the list, and most of the drinks scored in the one to two-leaf range. Our advice: Stay away from energy drinks. Their toxic ingredients keep almost all of them at the bottom of Greenopia’s rankings.AS