• 03.30.10

iPod Creator Leaving Apple for Greentech Startups


Is greentech hotter than Apple? Tony Fadell, the so-called godfather of the iPod, stepped down from his role as special adviser to Steve Jobs this week to focus on work with consumer greentech companies. The reason, Fadell, told The New York Times, is that he wants to tell his kids and grandkids stories “beyond my iPod and iPhone ones.”


This week marks Fadell’s official exit from Apple, but the executive actually stepped down from his position as senior vice president of the iPod division in 2008. Fadell arrived at Apple in 2001 and became head of the iPod division in 2006.

Now that Fadell has left his role at Apple, perhaps he can bring some sleekness to the world of greentech products. We’ve seen the start of Apple-inspired products with Tendril’s IDEO-designed Vision display, but in general, the greentech world could use some inspiration. Fadell to the rescue?

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