Pearl Jam: The Next Big Green Business?

pearl jam

Pearl Jam, one of the most iconic 90’s rock bands, isn’t just another idealist group offsetting its carbon footprint with pricey carbon credits. No, Pearl Jam is a Washington-area regional green business–at least according to guitarist Stone Gossard.

In an interview with Reuters, Gossard explained:

“Pearl Jam is a band but we are also a business,” guitarist and co-founder Gossard told Reuters in a telephone interview.
“We’re seeing ourselves as a Washington business, a regional business that is acknowledging its carbon footprint and hoping to inspire other businesses.

To that end, Pearl Jam has chosen to invest $210,000 in planting trees in Washington State to offset 7,000 tons of CO2 from the band’s 2009 tour. The trees will offset both the band’s transportation footprint as well as the CO2 racked up by fans traveling to concerts.

Pearl Jam’s conception of itself as a green business is surprising, if nothing else. But it makes sense. The band is practically an institution, with nine albums spanning over a 19 year period and approximately 60 million records sold worldwide. Pearl Jam certainly isn’t another bunch of struggling artists.

But if the band really wants to call itself a green business, it should focus on more than just carbon offsets–that’s the easy part. It should also invest in sustainable transportation, lighting, and sound. Then we can talk about Pearl Jam’s prowess as a green powerhouse.AS