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Sheila Campbell, at General Services Administration

Sheila Campbell

The Brainiacs

The Brainiacs

Sheila Campbell

Head of the General Service Administrations's Web Best Practices Team

After the election, President Obama's administration transformed into a daily-updated blog with fireside YouTube chats, links to Twitter and Facebook accounts, Flickr albums, and widgets. Now Sheila Campbell, the head of the General Service Administrations's Web Best Practices Team, is tasked with bringing the rest of the federal government up to speed with our tech-savvy commander in chief.

Campbell has already inked deals with a slew of Internet services, from Flickr and YouTube to Facebook and MySpace. On the less-glam back end, she runs initiatives that provide government Web managers with tools to improve their Web sites, including, a source for usability and design support, and Web Manager University, which provides low-cost Web training for public-sector professionals. Campbell also leads the Web Managers Forum, an online community of over 1,600 federal, state, and local government Web managers collaborating on Internet projects.

Under Campbell's direction, IT managers from your smallest rural counties to your largest government agencies are creating more functional and user-friendly Web sites with improved content. So far, Campbell and her Best Practices Team are fulfilling their slogan: "Better websites. Better government." —Austin Carr

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