• 03.30.10

What’s the Square Root of Sustainability? This Coke Bottle

A concept by design student Andrew Kim envisions Coke’s famous bottle as a more efficient shape.

coke bottles

It’s pretty ballsy to redesign one of the planet’s most iconic shapes and completely blow it out of the water. Last we checked, Coke’s bottles were some of the most recognizable objects on earth, and so powerful when it came to branding that in 2008, Coke transformed the capsule-like two-liter bottle into the same sexy curves. But dare we say design student Andrew Kim has created a concept that’s equally powerful, all in the name of sustainability.

Coke green bottle

Kim has taken inspiration from companies like Fiji, whose squared-off bottles use shipping space more efficiently, but he also creates the ability for these bottles to be nested, saving space both horizontally and vertically. He also proposes a collapsible, accordion-like action for the bottles after they’re used, saving space when being transported to the recycling center. He does have a point: Those curvy bottles don’t flatten so well, adding bulk in the blue bin.

Coke green bottle

Although we probably won’t ever say goodbye to Coke’s cute little waist-and-hips of its traditional package design, this isn’t a bad idea for any of Coke’s other brands, especially something like its bottled water. And seeing as Coke has placed sustainability at the top of its agenda…David Butler, are you listening?

[Andrew Kim]

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