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Recently I did receive a card, which mentioned that on the 17th of March a preventive maintenance call was scheduled for my heating system. There was no time mentioned.

As I was abroad at that time I did call for a new meeting. Okay, that was scheduled, but they only could plan the call in the morning (8am – 1pm) or in the afternoon (1.30pm – 4.45pm). They said that it was not possible to give me a more specific time.

Well. That is very inconvenient for me as a customer, because I have to block these slots entirely in my agenda.


So, the call was scheduled for the morning of the 26th. Fortunately the engineer arrived at 8.15pm. I asked him whether all his calls were planned for that day. His response was that all appointments were scheduled.


A simple question remains: why do they not share this planning with their customers?? They could contact me shortly before the appointment and tell me when exactly the engineer will arrive. That will give me so much more flexibility in my own agenda. And it gives me a good customer experience.


This is a typical example of ‘inside-out’ thinking. But isn’t this planning being made for the customer in the first place? So, put your customer central in your planning efforts and inform them upfront, just like you do with your own employees!