Trader Joe’s Takes on Sustainable Seafood

traitor joe's

Chalk up another victory for Greenpeace’s trademark tactic of shaming companies into submission. This time around, Trader Joe’s has agreed to source all of its seafood from sustainable sources by 2012. The move comes after a long campaign by Greenpeace where the activist organization accused “Traitor Joe’s” of sourcing a number of red list seafood products.

In Greenpeace’s third edition of its “Carting Away the Oceans” seafood sustainability scorecard, released this past summer, Trader Joe’s ranked in 17th place (out of 20 supermarkets) for its lackluster policy of stocking endangered species like Chilean Sea Bass and Red Snapper. But now Trader Joe’s has apparently seen the light. The boutique supermarket pledged this week to offer only sustainable seafood in their stores by the end of 2012, work with third-party organizations to address customer sustainability concerns, leverage its buying power to create change in the seafood industry, and remove all red-listed seafood.

Trader Joe’s certainly deserves kudos for its move, but it is far from the only supermarket to offer green seafood options. Stores like Wegmans, Stop & Shop, Whole Foods, and Target have long offered sustainable fish and sourcing policies. Check out Greenpeace’s Carting Away the Oceans report (PDF file) for more info.AS