Bad Idea of the Week: Covering Up Landfill Stench With Deodorant Guns

deodorant gun

We’re all for alleviating the nasty stench of landfills, but this is just not the way to do it. The UK Guardian reports that Beijing is installing 100 high-pressure deodorant guns at the overflowing Asuwei dump site in the city.

The site could use some sort of fix. Beijing residents generate 18,000 tons of waste daily. That’s so much trash that every single landfill and treatment site in the city will be full in only four years. The government has been toying with incinerating the trash, but local residents have risen up in opposition. Apparently the deodorant guns, which spray dozens of liters of fresh-smelling goodness onto landfills every minute, are more palatable.

China is, of course, no stranger to questionable environmental innovation. Last year, Chinese meteorologists sent 186 chemical-filled rockets into the sky in an attempt to generate rain. But while China may not be able control weather patterns wthout using these tactics, the country can fix its waste problem. Beijing recycles less than 4% of its trash. In comparison, San Francisco recycles 72% of its trash. Granted, San Francisco has the highest recycling rate in the U.S, but the disparity between the two cities highlights Beijing’s room for improvement. Instead of spending cash on deodorant guns, perhaps the city should think about investing money in better recycling initiatives.AS