Google Receives More Than 1,100 Official Applications for Fiber Broadband Network

United States of Google

Cities have temporarily renamed themselves “Google.” YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook have been used and abused. And hundreds of government officials have written proper applications to be the site of Google’s forthcoming fiber network. Google hasn’t announced its plans yet, but the company did release some statistics this weekend.

Turns out over 1,100 official governmental applications were sent in, and over 194,000 personal requests from citizens. You can see on the map above exactly where the applications were coming from; the big dots signify more than 1,000 requests from individuals, and the small dots show official governmental requests.

So what’s next? Google’s going to start narrowing down the applications into those that are actually feasible, and will then be paying those communities a visit to discuss possible plans with community leaders, political representatives, and various other organizations. They’re hoping to come up with a single name by the end of the year, a city in which the new network can reach at least 50,000 and not more than 500,000 people.

Whether the wacky stunts and applications helped won’t be clear until the end of the year when Google reveals its chosen site–but I sort of hope, just for its mayor’s sanity, that Google picks Sarasota, Florida.DN