iPad App Store Preview Leaks: App CoverFlow

ipad app coverflow

Apple‘s new iPad App Store should be immediately familiar to everyone who’s used the iPhone’s App Store before, since it’s pretty much the same. The few changes: you can now browse apps by CoverFlow, and the app selection is different, putting emphasis on the “HD” or “XL” versions of apps made specifically for the iPad.

CoverFlow may not be the best idea; it’s a very pretty navigational tool, but anyone with a CoverFlow-capable iPhone or iPod will tell you that after a couple of showy test runs, the feature hardly ever gets used. It’s just not the most efficient way to browse. But other than that, everything looks just about the same as the App Store we all know and blow bus fare on.

We also get a few glimpses at the new iPad-specific apps, including Flight Control HD, Flick Fishing HD, Brushes (which is priced at $9.99–steep for an app), Twitterific (free), Reuters, and more. Everything’s shaping up–now let’s just see how people feel after they drop a few bills on these things.

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