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Infographic of the Day

Infographic of the Day: "Digging in the Crates"

A project that allows you explore the original samples of old songs—and how they've been remixed in today's music.

Infographic of the Day: "Digging in the Crates"

Digging the Crates Modern pop songs are mash-ups of samples and references—which usually fly over your head, unless you're some kind of musical savant.

Which is why Roland Loesslein, a student at University of Applied Sciences in Augsburg, Germany, created Digging the Crates. The installation looks like a normal stack of records and a record player. But each record is loaded with an RFID chip; when placed on the turntable, that calls up a file, loaded with an original sample—and a newer track that borrows that sample. That data is then represented in an infographic that's beamed onto the record itself—turning it into an interactive scroll wheel that lets you explore how a piece of music has been transformed:

You gotta wonder at the possibilities: How could would it be to use something like this to explore a song by Girl Talk, and listen all the nuggets that go into the finished product?