• 03.26.10

Time-Warner’s Battle for ISP Supremacy Means Free Wi-Fi in NYC

Timer Warner

As the battle to become the go-to cable, phone, and Internet provider heats up, Time-Warner has come up with a cheeky little offer for its NY residents: free Wi-Fi hotspots for its one million cable subscribers in the city and tri-state area. In the move, TW has gussied up to rival Cablevision, and both companies are sharing their hot-spot services, in the hope of getting more paying customers for their cable services. Anyone with a Road Runner or Optimum account will be able to use the service.


What a difference a year makes, eh? Last year, Time-Warner attempted to cut off a band of North Carolina residents after they set up their own community ISP, sick and tired of high prices for low-level service. The company, whose merger with AOL was, let’s face it, a bit of a dog’s dinner, seems finally to be taking the threats to its core services from Hulu and iTunes seriously.

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