Concert Promoters Replacing Paper Tickets With Smart-Chip Wristbands


Live Nation, the world’s largest concert promoter, is on the case of paper tickets. The firm has been trialling smart-chip wristbands in an attempt to cut down on ticket fraud, and it is expected that the promoter will roll out the scheme at British festivals this summer.

Although this can only be good for gig-goers–a twelfth of them in the U.K. claim to have fallen victim to ticketing scams, according to a government report–don’t expect environmentalists to be particularly chipper about the news, as paper is relatively harmless, compared to what one assumes will be a plastic band with a sliver of metal, plus all the other unsavory bits, such as adhesive and wiring, that goes into it.

John Probyn, of Live Nation UK, claims that the wristbands will be unique to each ticket holder. “If Fred Bloggs comes in, I can ask him for identification to prove he is that person,” he claimed. The smart chips will also allow punters to buy food and drink. It’s not clear, however, whether people will be allowed to resell their tickets, should they be unable to attend the gig. That will be one for the OFT to sort out, I guess.

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