Asia Is the Hotbed

Recent market
proves once again that the power shift toward Asia in
broadband networking is real. Here is where we see the most interesting
developments today.

According to Point Topic,
Asia now accounts for nearly 40% of all broadband subscribers.  Not to
mention, the region outperformed the sum of all other regions in terms
of net subscriber additions last year. With China, Japan and South Korea
leading the way, other Asian countries are growing fast, but from a
smaller base. The Philippines grew 60% last year, and India 40%(!).

China passed the 100 million subscriber milestone in the fourth
quarter last year, and the pace of growth is not slowing down. There is
no doubt these numbers have a profound impact on how the industry is
being shaped in support for the emerging fiber-based broadband market.

by Per Lembre on Mar. 25th, 2010