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A Transforming Video Wall at HP's HQ Is More Than Meets the Eye


It's a wall! It's a TV! It's a new architectural installation that can transform from a stunning contemporary room divider to a large-screen digital theater! HP has just installed this genre-defying display in its Palo Alto headquarters, designed by New York-based Tronic. The hybrid sculpture/video wall was created to be a piece that "transcends technology and creates an experience that embraces the new," Tronic co-founder Vivian Rosenthal tells

HP installation

To create the shiny, blueberry-hued shells, Tronic created 60 feet of reinforced fiberglass panels, which were manufactured using computer numeric controlled (CNC) milling techniques.

HP installation

The panels can be rotated in either direction, producing a singular architectural effect, or one continuous video wall, or a combination of the two.

HP installation

The result is a symbolic nod to HP's transition from the actual to the virtual—the "hardware" acknowledges the design of its computers and devices, while HP's more intangible services and applications can be showcased on the syncopated video wall.

HP installation

For visitors to HP, the wall also provides an ever-changing architectural element that creates a transition between the public lobby area and HP's workspace. "The combination of sculpture and animation in the piece allows visitors' perceptions to change as a function of time, use, and other external influences," says Rosenthal.

HP installation

You can read more about the piece, named Manifold, and view a video about its installation on Tronic's site.