Infographic of the Day: What Does the New Health-Care Bill Mean for Me?

Okay, so this handy-dandy calculator isn’t exactly an infographic. But it’s an invaluable tool, given the mass confusion over what the effects of the Affordable Healthcare Act signed into law by President Obama today.


Affordable Healthcare Act

The bottom line: Try it out. You’ll see that if you have employer-provided health insurance, nothing really changes for you. If you don’t have insurance, then by 2014, you’ll have to purchase it. But subsidies will be given for some, to help them afford it–and for everyone else, the rates are expected to be far lower than what they’d currently get, on the individual market.*

The other changes simply mean that health-insurance companies can no longer boot you from coverage based on your health status, or cap your benefits if you’re profoundly ill.

“Freedom died today!” cries the Teaparty Crowd. Um, no.

If you’re curious to find out more details, here’s two essential articles on the bill.

*The rationale for that mandate is that to create a
stable health-care system, you have to have everyone buying into
it–otherwise it eventually collapses. That’s how insurance risk-pools always work–the more people, the cheaper the insurance. The hubbub about being forced to
have health insurance being unconstitutional? No.