Foursquare’s Celebrity Mode Allows You to Avoid DJ Pauly D Like an STD


Stalking DJ Pauly D, he of Jersey Shore fame, just got a whole bit easier (oh, I know ladies, stop your hysteria, I can barely hear my own sarcasm above the screams). The walking hair-don’t is the first celebrity–sorry, let me rephrase that–the first “celebrity” to use geo-social network Foursquare‘s Celebrity Mode (that’s Celebrity Mode without inverted commas) which enables you to stalk–sorry, I mean follow, your favorite fame whores.

The idea is a hook-up (note to Pauly: not one that involves bodily fluids, it’s of no interest to you, get back to pumping fists, or iron, or whatever else it is you do when you’re not blow-drying your “hair”) between foursquare and MTV and its sista from another mista, VH1. Rather like If I Can Dream, the music channels are hoping to get Foursquare users to engage more with the TV shows they love–The Hills, The City, Real World: New Orleans, The T.O. Show, Fantasia For Real, and What Chilli Wants–while they’re on air.

There will also be location-based sponsorship opportunities for companies wishing to get a bit of Pauly magic, and the Viacom-owned channels are also hoping to produce short-form Foursquare programming that uses the shows’ talent, and includes tips and elements of gaming. Stalk Pauly! Hold Pauly down and give him a tramp stamp! Force Pauly to style his hair in a different way! The possibilities are, I think, endless.

You can follow Pauly here, as well as seeing the tips he’s left for his chums–although, for privacy reasons*, followers will be unable to view his check-ins. Sadly, he has nothing to say about London–possibly because he couldn’t get his hair products past the security checks at the airport.

*Note to Pauly: Perhaps if you really valued your privacy you wouldn’t be appearing on the telleh.AD