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Mike Perry Shares the Making of an Art Show

Mike Perry

Illustrator Mike Perry prides himself on his DIY ethos; Hand Job is his cheekily-named book that's a collection of hand-drawn type. For Perry's new show Lost in the Discovery of What Shapes the Mind, which opens Friday at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, he took his handmade aesthetic one step further, creating a behind-the-scenes blog documenting the prep work. True to the exhibition's name, Perry's process photos are every bit as visually-intriguing as we expect the show to be.

Mike Perry

Creating cards using a Gocco printer.

Mike Perry

A 3-D ladder to somewhere—or nowhere.

Mike Perry

Perry brought his hand-drawn character to the gallery site plan.

Mike Perry

And as you can see from the center of the sketch, he's even managed to build an entire house.

[Lost in the Discovery]