The ONE Thing You Can Do Right Now to Change Your Income, Business and Lifestyle

If you haven’t read our first post (CLICK HERE:, and you will understand the premise of this blog, that in the new Branded Economy your destiny is in your hands based on how you manage your personal brand, let’s dig into how exactly you can take control and make the most of your personal brand.

Everyone in business is always looking for the magic pill. That “one thing” you can do in your business that will change everything overnight. Some of us even thought we found the magic pill and bought it– until we realized that what we really bought was a great tool, service, or system, but it was just overhyped.


We’re sorry to say that a magic pill doesn’t really exist, however there is one thing that can have the same effect. One thing you can do today, that can change your business, your income and your lifestyle, tomorrow. And that one thing is to alter your current Position in the marketplace to create more value for others. Creating a position that will allow you to go from being a commodity in the marketplace, to becoming a scarcity. That one simple change can increase your income ten-fold, literally overnight.

Have you ever watched one of those softball games where Hollywood celebrities play softball to raise money for charity? If you haven’t, it’s basically what you’d expect. A bunch of high profile people coming together for a great cause, and looking ridiculous along the way (we mean that in great spirit!). It’s a great thing to do, and part of the fun is that nobody on the field is a pro, they are just there to have fun and help a great cause. Literally, nobody would pay these stars to play softball.

And that’s what’s so interesting. Let’s take an actress, for example. Isn’t it wild that if you take an Oscar winning actress to Hollywood, she will make millions of dollars each year, but if you took her 2 miles away from Hollywood and told her she had to make a living being a pro softball player, she’d starve. It’s such a crazy dichotomy. In her element, she’ll make more than anyone on earth, just 2 miles away, out of her element, she’s flat broke.

That’s the magic of the first pillar of successfully building your personal brand:


Positioning is what allows you to build all of your value in a particular place in the market. And if you’re fit to be an A-list Actor, but you keep trying to play softball, you’re never going to reach your full potential, make the kind of money you’d like to make and life the lifestyle you desire. It simply won’t happen.


So, what you need to do is figure out how to take your greatest skill and put it to use in a position in which it will be valued the most. The two of us are lawyers (ok there we said it, but don’t shut down, we promise we won’t act like it—that was a joke if you can’t read our tone!), but we have found that outside of legal circles is where we have our greatest value. Why? Because our greatest skills are our abilities to create brands and marketing campaigns, and teach others how to grow their businesses. So, we’ve recognized that and played to our strengths. But, we also get another bump in value in a field (branding and marketing), where you wouldn’t expect to find many lawyers. And therein lies the value proposition, or should we say, the Position.

We are able to bring intellectual property, licensing, contractual, negotiation and other legal skills to the table in a field where they are extremely valuable to our clients, but in most circumstances the client would have to hire a branding and marketing consultant to help with one side of what we do, and a lawyer to help with the other side. That roughly gives each of us twice the value we would have just practicing law. That’s huge for us in building our business, and if you can find similar positioning combining your greatest skill sets, and carving out a niche in a place where your skills are scarce, it could change your life too, very quickly.

In our next post we’ll begin breaking down, step-by-step, how to create your position so you bring the greatest value to the table. This has implications in many walks of life, but don’t worry, we’re going to focus on the business implications and how you can use positioning to grow your business and make more money.

In the meantime, we’ll leave you with this:

Price is only an issue, when value is a mystery.

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