Nintendo 3DS: What We Know So Far [Nintendo]

Nintendo 3DS: What We Know So Far

Nintendo 3DS: What We Know So Far [Nintendo]:
Rumblings of a next-gen handheld started soon after Nintendo shrunk the DS and whacked a “Lite” behind it, but two portables later (the DSi and DSi XL) and Nintendo Japan is foretelling a June announcement for the 3DS.
– With the announcement slated for E3 in June, Nintendo’s shooting a bit early in their Japanese press release by saying it will go on sale sometime between April 2010 – March 2011.
– You won’t need to wear 3D glasses to enjoy the 3D effects (somehow), according to their release.
– Backwards compatibility will be incorporated for DS and DSi games support.
– It may have an accelerometer for tilt-controls with motion-led gaming, just like the iPhone/iPod Touch.
– The screen might be higher-res than anything we’ve seen from Nintendo before, probably just 720p though.
– It’ll have two screens just like previous portables, but they’ll be used in conjunction as one giant screen, according to, who convinced developers to talk to them at GDC.
– Nintendo might put a 3G sim in, for over-the-air downloads.
– Those over-the-air downloads might include ebooks, something already seen on the DSi XL.