The Impossible Project, Made Possible: Polaroid Instant Film Is Back on Sale

Polaroid film

Polaroid instant film, the funnest of all film, was mourned across the globe by people of all ages when it was announced that production had stopped. The Impossible Project, which has no connection to Polaroid, decided to “re-invent” the technology through backwards engineering and then produce and sell their own version of the film, which would be compatible with old-school Polaroid cameras. It looked like vaporware for awhile, but, as reports the AP, this week they announced they’ve done it.

The Impossible Project will be selling both the ultra-old SX-70 film, used by the bellows-type Polaroids from the 1970s, as well as the newer 600-series type film, used by most general-purpose Polaroid cameras (excluding the specialty ones like the I-Zone and Joycam). It won’t come cheap–anywhere near cheap, actually–with each $21 pack able to take eight black-and-white photos. Color, by the way, will be introduced this summer. The film will be sold online at first, and the company expects to make a million packs in its first year.

The Impossible project’s film is actually more expensive than the original Polaroid film available on eBay and Craigslist, but the point is that those stores of original Polaroid film will eventually be used–and the Impossible project is here to stay, at least until people stop caring about Polaroid (probably never).

The film will be available starting this Thursday, March 25, through the company’s site.DN