More Fun With Indices! Health Care Reform Edition

MIC health care

Well, that’s done. And now that health car reform is well on its way to being signed into law, we can finally focus on what Americans do best–determining who will benefit financially from the legislation.

The early line, perhaps not surprisingly, has health-related businesses and industries getting a boost. In particular the companies that will see the greatest surge in action once reform takes hold–outfits such as the hospital organization Community Health Systems and the insurance agency Amerigroup, which handles many Medicaided patients–are seeing stock prices climb.

So far a range of market indexes tracking the health industry are also heading north. The S&P Health Care Sector index is up 0.8% today and the Morgan Stanley Healthcare Payor index topped that with a 1.9% rise. Now what will be interesting to see once the Congressional dust settles is how existing and startup businesses are able to innovate to fill the needs of the freshly insured and the everyone else negotiating the brave, new frontier of health care. Just a hunch but there’s a good chance some of these companies are only going to become more prominent players.

[Via: Reuters]

Image: Courtesy of Intuitive Surgical