Infographic of the Day: The Path to 10 Billion Tweets

In February, Twitter hit a whopping 10 billion tweets in a single month. To document that explosive rise–from a minuscule base just over a year ago–Mashable created this infographic. And actually, the biggest challenge facing the micro-blogging service is buried in the middle of the graph: The most-active 28% of users account for 76% of the traffic; the top 1% account for an astounding 35% of traffic.

If Twitter is merely a fad for that 1%, the user base and traffic could readily fall apart. (By contrast, compare Twitter to Facebook, which, because of its ubiquity, is driven by users of all stripes.) The question is: Can Twitter become essential, before it becomes just a fad? Twitter addicts would say it already has–just witness how the Iranian uprisings and yesterday’s health-care vote were covered–but let’s check back in a year.

10 billion tweets