advertisement Becomes Democrasoft, Launching Collaborize(TM) at DemoSpring 2010


long-time  friend  Richard Lang, whose company (OTC: BRST.PK) won a couple of big patent
infringement suits a while back, but essentially lost its product window in the
bargain, has taken the company in a brave new direction with the launch of
Collaborize, an online communications and decision tool for groups
of all sizes that I believe could and should replace Yahoo Groups.  (Disclosure: I’m a small investor in
Burst, and have been for about ten years.)


would like the product to be used by governments to solve large world problems,
and by the enterprise to manage distributed teams. (I wish we had launched it
last summer during the health care town halls, so they could have been
virtualized and made more effective and less angry.)



make sure smaller communities like parent organizations can also use it,
Collaborize is non-geeky, and inexpensive.


public announcement of Collaborize™ was made this morning at the Spring
DEMO Conference. 
I am here in Palm Springs watching and supporting, wearing my
Collaborize shirt. Life could be worse; the hotel is over the top, with
swimming pools I will only see from a distance, but cover acres.
is in the process of changing its company name to
Democrasoft and  has queued up a nice list of beta
partners that include Medtronic, Robert Cringely, TechSoup Global, Monitor
Group, Maverick Media, and Wine Industry Network. It’s neat that these
companies are willing to lend their names to the launch.



Cringely is using the product in a way that isn’t exactly what it’s designed for,
but one to which it can easily be converted: he’s asking his audience to submit
nominations for top startup companies outside big tech centers. The winning 24
companies will be on a PBS series he’s doing.


can empower groups and organizations of all sizes: businesses, non-profits,
governments and their citizens. It taps into the “Wisdom of We”™ to
turn a group, organization or social network into a functioning community that
can make decisions and share information in real time. It’s what we all hoped
the internet would become – a way of producing positive outcomes from all our
new connections.


 As –it is a 20-year-old public company with a history
of pioneering technology, which is now becoming dedicated to
facilitating a vision of online social networking with a
purpose. For more information, visit 






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Francine Hardaway, Ph.D is a serial entrepreneur and seasoned communications strategist. She co-founded Stealthmode Partners, an accelerator and advocate for entrepreneurs in technology and health care, in 1998.