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If You Like the House So Much, Why Don't You Wear It?

Marmol Radziner jewelry

What to do with the leftover bits of materials that inevitably end up in the scrap pile during the building process? Los Angeles-based Marmol Radziner took the fragments from their past architectural projects and transformed them into wearable art.

Marmol Radziner jewelryThe ability to upcycle their company's industrial waste was made even easier by the fact that Marmol Radziner has its own production facility: They produced the pieces in the same Vernon, California factory where they manufacture their lines of prefab houses and furniture. Besides their off-the-shelf line of design work, the firm is well-known for designing modern single-family homes as well as their meticulous renovations of midcentury modern houses, like the iconic Kaufmann House in Palm Springs, California. (But no, unfortunately you can't wear a piece of the Kaufmann House.)

Marmol Radziner jewelry

Marmol Radziner partner Ron Radziner designed the pieces after he couldn't find jewelry for men that suited his taste, so it's a good bet that this line will be popular with the architectural set. The rings, bracelets and armbands are unisex and prices range from $80 to $250. Pieces can be purchased at Arp.