Infographic of the Day: All Music Should Look Like This

Renaud Hallée

So, this video by animator Renaud Hallée isn’t quite a pure infographic–but as you’ll see, it’s pretty damn close. Titled Sonar, the short film basically visualizes the sound track. Now, we’ve previously covered such projects, but this one’s interesting because of how much information about the song Hallée manages to squeeze into the image. It quickly gets crazy complicated:

The one element that’s purely visual about it is the placement of the blips–they don’t correspond with pitch or tone. If they did, you could imagine turning this sort of display into a straight-up touchscreen musical instrument–something like a next-gen version of the Kaossilator, a “cyberpunk lute of the future” that can be used–even by those with no musical training–to create astonishing electronica tracks in real-time (fast forward to 7:30 to see it in action):

[Via Fubiz]CK