Chinese Media: Google Will Leave China on April 10

Chinese media is reporting that Google plans to announce their intention to fully leave the Chinese market this week, with the pullout scheduled for April 10. Google has refused comment.

China Google


Following the well-publicized fracas over censorship, attacks on human rights, full-scale hacking, and accusations of governmental involvement in attempts to steal data from Google‘s servers, Google has been very public in its condemnation of the situation. Recently, even China has brought out the fangs, threatening the search giant with “consequences.”

Though hopeful for a positive resolution, Google’s executives and spokesmen have not been shy about threatening to completely pull out of China, stranding the country without many of the services the rest of the world enjoys–and the Chinese media, including China Business News is now reporting that a definite decision has been made to make that last cut.

“We have learned that Google will leave China on April 10, but the information has not been confirmed by Google at present,” the newspaper quoted an official with an unidentified Chinese advertising agency as saying.

The agency is a business partner of Google, the report said.

The report did not specify whether Google would close all or part of its operations in the country.

Also quoted was an anonymous employee of Google China who confirmed that the announcement may come on Monday to dissolve the branch and exit China (as well as compensation for the staff). Google China spokesman Marsha Wang declined to comment on the story, saying there has been “no update,” but this story has been reported all over China and now, across the rest of the world as well (you’re welcome, by the way).

We’ll know either way by next week if the reports are true.

[Via Sydney Morning Herald]

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