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Infographic of the Day

Infographic of the Day: The Best-Designed NCAA Tourney Bracket on the Web

Among the hundreds out there, the winner is.... (Hurry up and do yours now!)

March Madness

...NBC, baby!!! That's right. After scouring the Web for the slickest bracket-designs out there, we choose NBC for best designed. Why? Because it's a bonafide infographic—basically a cheat-sheet that allows anyone with only a passing interest in college basketball to sound smart after about five minutes of studying.

As you can see, instead of just blanks, there's also lots of data: First, percentages telling you how everyone else is picking, and second, information about each matchup.

Compare that to some of the other best-designed brackets out there, like The New York Times's or the NCAA, which either have vanishingly little useful information embedded in them.

But it's worth noting that our Basketball Fan in Chief, President Barack Obama, went with ESPN:

March Madness

If you haven't filled out a bracket yet—and entered yourself to win all those prizes from picking the right teams—HURRY. The first game is at 12:30pm, and the bracket picking closes at 11:30am.

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