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AFOL: The "Blocumentary" about Lego-Obsessed Adults and Their Bricktastic Creations

Jess Gibson's new "blocumentary" paints a portrait of the obsessive Adult Fans of Lego (AFOL).

AFOL: The "Blocumentary" about Lego-Obsessed Adults and Their Bricktastic Creations

Lego We've covered Lego from lots of angles before: From their recent corporate turnaround to their attempts to make MP3 players and cameras to the mammoth creations at Brickcon.

But who are these mega-geeks that remain obsessed with Legos all their lives? Filmmaker Jess Gibson scoured the Pacific Northwest, interviewing some legendary Lego builders, hoping to understand who these guys are (and they're all guys). He's just recently finished the movie, AFOL: A Blocumentary, and posted it online:

The human-side is just like any other hobby or obsession: One "Adult Fan of Lego" (also called AFOL, pronounced "awful), Jason Ruff, sees a sort of continuity with his childhood in the very modularity of the design: "25 years later, when I get nostalgic, they'll still fit together with the new ones." Wayne Hussey (pictured below) is the director of Brickcon. (License plate: "MINIFIG") He says, "People say, How do you get that many pieces? We don't smoke, we don't generally drink, we don't spend money on this we get nothing from." He's spent a couple hundred thousand dollars on Legos, over 35 years, with a recent monthly budget of $500-$1,000 a month.


If you're curious about what these guys are actually capable of, the people in the documentary include Lino Martins, Thomas Rafert, Wayne Hussey, Jason Ruff, Mark Neumann, Robin Sather, and Jordan Schwartz.

[Via MAKE and Brothers Brick]